Rules EndZeit

updated on 28.10.2020

1. general, handling, communication, chat

  1. Insults, discrimination, provocations, hate speech and other hostilities will be punished with a kick or a ban in chat/voice chat/teamspeak or discord depending on the severity of the offence.
  2. Chat language: German or English.
  3. Do not advertise for other servers or other things (no links ingame).
  4. Conversations (Teamspeak,Discord,Ingame) may not be recorded without the permission of the conversation partner. (when entering a channel, inform the players that a recording is taking place, if there is no objection, this is considered as consent).
  5. Sending or recording private messages is prohibited.
  6. Using clantags of other clans is prohibited.
  7. The exploitation of grey areas of any kind is prohibited (example: Gaps in the set of rules).
  8. Only 1 account per player.
  9. No Combat Logging. If your PC crashes, you have to log in within 10 minutes.
  10. No log in or out in other bases. In case of a game crash of any kind you have to log in again.
  11. Lootcycling is prohibited.
  12. Don`t destroy vehicles in bases from the outside.

2. basebuilding

In general:

  1. The maximum number of bases is 1 . Clan members are not allowed to build their own base. Don`t place tents outside the base radius (Plotpole or Flagpole).
  2. You are allowed to use 6 codelocks for the whole base including tents.
  3. Groups/Clan: They are only allowed to own 3 vehicles (including helicopter). Single players: They are allowed to have 2 vehicles in their possession to avoid any disadvantage.
  4. Tents may not protrude from existing buildings and must be demountable.
  5. Maximum 1 plot pole per base. One plotpole is required for one base. Please pay attention to the consumption at the plotpole ( If you despawn something because of an empty Plotpole there will be no refund ).
  6. Bases must offer the possibility of raidability. No basebuilding at places where you would only get there with a helicopter.

Where can I build my base?

  1. A base must be 50m away from another base.
  2. A base must be 800m away from trader with a Safezone.
  3. A base must be 300m away from military complexes and without sight of them.
  4. A base has to be 500 yards from the island bridges.
  5. No basebuilding in individual military buildings.

Are there any limits to building (building limits)?

  1. Maximum 4 walls high or maxiumum 2 watchtowers on top of each other.
  2. No excessive basebuilding. On instruction of the Admin Team must be dismantled for the benefit of performance.
  3. No stacking of tents etc.
  4. No basebuilding on main roads with which one blocks these.
  5. On roofs maximum 1 wall high.
  6. No free-floating elements ( No flying bases! Max. 30% protruding ).

It is not allowed to put several walls directly behind each other. This is secured with a code lock of tents (except the 2 red tents. No further items may be placed there), or placing a 2 inner ring of items such as tents, Hesco Kits etc. . If the red tents are open, they can be raided.

A base that was built incorrectly will be deleted without warning and refund, as not all items that are not allowed can be listed, please contact the Server Team via Ticket System if you are unsure about your building project or location.

3. bugusing, cheating

  1. ... is strictly forbidden and will be severely punished.
  2. Modifying the game client is prohibited.
  3. Anything that is impossible for common sense but still works with DayZ is considered bugging.
  4. Do not take advantage of game errors (e.g. "gliding" up trees).

Examples that fall under bugusing:

  1. Removing walls by other walls.
  2. Convert fences from outside into gates.
  3. Sliding through walls with items.
  4. Duplicating items through a bug.
  5. Drag items through walls.

The finding of a game/or program error (also vehicles or items) MUST be reported immediately. Taking advantage of this to make rubles or other benefits leads to the deletion of items and in repeated cases to permanent exclusion.

4. raiding

There is a complete video verification obligation for the whole duration of the raid. Everything MUST be clearly visible in the video (the cursor must point to the inner wall). From killing the enemy or attaching the explosives/building the raid ladder etc.

Proof only via ticket system in the discord!

  1. Raiding a base is generally allowed, but walls may only be removed from the inside. Raiding is only possible if there are construction errors.
  2. Bugusing to get into a Base is prohibited. (See rule 3)
  3. You can`t take a raided base.
  4. You may not use watchtowers or other basebuilding tools (items such as tents, boxes, barrels; raid ladders are not included) to enter a base.
  5. The partial or complete dismantling of a raided base is prohibited. You may only disassemble the equipment to get in and out of the base.
  6. The destruction of vehicles is not allowed.
  7. Despawning from loot is prohibited.
  8. Don`t destroy the red tent!
  9. As soon as a player is in an enemy base (without being an ally) this counts as a raid/raid attempt.
  10. Blocking the entrances of a foreign base is prohibited (no mines in front of base entrances).
  11. Raiding through windows of any kind is allowed.
  12. The use of garden plots/garden boxes or greenhouses is prohibited.
  13. Using helicopters to raid is not allowed.
  14. Not more than 50% of the character may be free floating. Objects like tents or vehicles must be completely on the ground
  15. Don't dismantle the Flagpole or Plotpole or lower the flag
  16. Locked vehicles may be cracked.

Legitimate ways to get into a base:

  1. Camping.
  2. Search for construction errors.
  3. Raid leader (maximum 4 people).
  4. Climb up to 1 Item .

*A raid without proof is not considered legal,even if after 24 hours no proof has been provided. The captured lot is deleted. Raid proofs must contain the complete raid. All actions must be clearly visible.

In the case of a Basel deletion the whole clan is liable for the possible violations of an individual.

5. trader

  1. Tradercamping: Active fights at the trader are basically allowed. However, should someone camp specifically on the traders, waiting for someone to enter or leave the trader zone, this is not allowed.
  2. Theft is strictly prohibited!
  3. No Trolling ( No megaphones or music play ! )
  4. No permanent parking.

6. wipes

Server Wipes (the final deletion of all server content) is the sole responsibility of the server administrators. A server wipe can be necessary, for example, due to game updates, mod updates or a massive disruption of server performance due to too much building material and hoarded loot. In this case, the replacement of player gear, building material and stored loot is excluded.

7. stream sniping

  1. Streamsniping is prohibited. The streamer is responsible to keep the risk as low as possible.

8. lost loot - refund ?

There is no right to a refund! Without proof there will be no refund even in case of a not legal raid. Only for vehicles a video must be available, otherwise a current screenshot is sufficient (F12)

  1. In principle, no replacement is provided for lost loot.
  2. In some cases a video proof is necessary (e.g. if your Trader Loot was stolen or you did not get an item for rubles). Otherwise no refund is possible.
  3. Vehicles of any kind will not be refunded. Using them is at your own risk and is not supported. Exceptions are server crashes (NO CLIENTCRASH), or if a vehicle explodes for no reason while stationary at the Trader. However, a video proof must be available.
  4. There is no right to a refund!

Tip: Weekly screenshots/videos of EURER Base in case of an illegelan Raide. Screenshots older than 1 week are not accepted.

9. server team

  1. The instructions of the Admins are to be followed immediately without discussion. If you still have a problem with a decision, you should contact the Discord or Teamspeak. Normally however one refrains from a reduction of the punishment.
  2. Insults/attacks on any platform against the Insel Team will be punished with a permanent ban.
  3. No private messages to the server team! Support via the ticket system.

10. note

Since the copyrights of the island servers including the rules and the territories/scripts are copyright by Emilia and Pimpi, any theft or imitation is prohibited.

(C) Copyright by Emilia & Pimpi