Server rules (ENGLISH)

(no links ingame)

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1. Behaviour, communication, chatting

- Insults, discrimination, hate speech and other hostilities are punished with a kick or a ban in chat/voice chat/teamspeak or discord.

- It is forbidden to chat in any language other than English and German.

- Do not spam and refrain from capslock.

- Do not advertise other servers or any other things. (no links ingame)

- Conversations (Teamspeak, Discord, Ingame) may not be recorded without the permission of the interlocutor. (If a channel enters, the players should be informed that a recording is taking place, no objection should be raised.

this is regarded as consent)

-Sending or recording private messages is prohibited.

-Using clantags of other clans is forbidden.

-The exploitation of grey areas of any kind is prohibited.

-Only 1 account per player

2. Basebuilding:


Base reporting obligation: Please report your base at This way we can help you faster in case of support or delete inactive bases.

- The maximum number of bases is 2 per player / clan.

- Only 2 tents per player / clan may be codelocked.(e.g. no garage around a tent to deny access to enemy players.) / max. 3 locker can be saved with a lock

- Where can I put a base?

> It must be 50m away from another base.

> It must be 800m away from the trader.

> It must be 300m away from military complexes and without a view of them.

> It must not be built on islands.

> It must be 500m away from the bridges of the islands.

- Are there limits to basebuilding?

> maximum 4 walls high

> maximum 2 watchtowers on top of each other

> no unnecessary walls (e.g. a double wall without any purpose). Each wall affects server performance.

> No stacking of tents, woodstorages ..

> Do not build free-floating elements (eg Simple Roof Mod)
> No Watchtower on roofs

> Store a maximum of 2 items in locked tents (e.g. 2 storage boxes)

> No base completely covered to make it raid-proof

> Only 1 Watchtower may be placed on top of the towers of a castle

- A base that was wrongly built will be deleted without warning and refund. If you are unsure whether you can build at a certain location, contact the server team.

- Inactive bases will be deleted after 14 days. So if you are on vacation or anything else, let the server team know.

3. Bugusing, cheating:

- ... is strictly forbidden and will be heavily punished.

- Modifying the game client is forbidden.

- Anything that is impossible for logical common sense, but still works at DayZ, is considered bugusing.

- Do not take advantage of game failures.

- Examples that fall under bugusing:

> Dismantle walls through other walls

> Transforming fences into gates from outside

> Slipping through walls with items

> Duplicate items through a bug

> Take objects through walls


4. Raiding

- Raiding a base is basically allowed, but walls can only be destroyed from the inside.

- Bugusing to get into a base is forbidden. (See rule 3)

- You are not allowed to block the entrance of a base

- You are not allowed to take a raided base by setting your own codelock to the gate.

- You are not allowed to use watchtowers, Simple Roof Items or any other basebuilding tools to get into a base.

- The partial or complete dismantling of a raided base is prohibited. The only thing that can be dismantled is to get into and out of the base.

Legitimate ways to get into a base:

- Camping

- Search for construction mistakes

- leg-ups, boosting (maximum 4 persons)

- Use 10 planks, 2 batteries or 1 wood storage to get into the base

- Do ot Login/Logout in other Bases.

- NO COMBAT LOGGING. (Log out in Combat)

5. Trader

- Battles on the trader are basically allowed. However, if someone camps specifically on the trader, waiting for someone to enter or leave the trader zone, there may be a penalty. This must be proven with a video. (Admins and mods constantly check whether there are campers near the Traderzones, so this behaviour is not recommended.)

- Theft (e.g. stealing money suitcases or cars) is strictly forbidden!

- No Trolling ( No megaphone or no music play ! )

Don't build storage items in the trader zone.

6. Wipes

- Server Wipes (the final deletion of all server content) is the sole responsibility of the server administrators. A server wipe can become necessary e.g. by game updates, modupdates or a massive disturbance of the server performance by too much building material and hoarded loot. The replacement of player gear, building material and stored loot is excluded in this case. However, we really try to do this as a last resort and fix the bugs without Wipe. If, however, we decide to take this measure, you will have to accept it without discussion,

7. Streamsniping

-Streamsniping is prohibited unless the streamer specifically states permission. It will be punished with a (temporary) ban.

8. Lost loot - refund?

- In principle no replacement will be provided for lost loot.

- In individual cases (e.g. baseraid by bugusing) and if necessary with proof it can be nevertheless examined whether a refund takes place.

- Only if you have a video proof (e.g. if your loot was stolen at the Trader or you didn't get an item in exchange for rubles), a refund is possible.

-In careless driving no vehicle will be refund (for example through forests) !

9, Server team

- The instructions of the admins or mods are to be followed immediately without discussion, no matter if you understand this instruction or not. If you still have a problem with a decision, you should contact Discord or Teamspeak. Normally, however, a reduction of the penalty is refrained from.

- Admins, mods and supporters play on the servers as well as all other players. Exploiting the rights is strictly forbidden.

-No private messages to the server team! Support via the ticket system # support-tickets or in the # frag-us channel.

If you are in Teamspeak and you are in the Support Channel, the Island Bot will show you if any of us are online.

10th Support Ticket System Discord

- Incomplete tickets will be deleted after 48 hours.